Upgrading Your Locks

Worcester Locksmith: What You Need to Know when Upgrading Your Locks

Do you own a home or business? If so, the locks on your doors are probably an essential part of your security. To determine if you need to upgrade them for better protection, keep reading this article! 

We at Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd help with all kinds of lock installations and upgrades. They can also provide advice about what kind of new lock is best suited for different situations. Please continue to read more to learn more about some common questions people have regarding upgrading their locks! 

Why Do You Need A Lock Upgrade?

Locking your doors can make you feel more at ease, knowing that the person who enters is someone other than just an unwanted guest. Home invasions are committed by strangers and friends or neighbors with whom we share our homes!

One of the best ways to prevent illegal entries is by taking a proactive approach. Use devices such as exterior lighting and clear visibility, motion sensors for another excellent tool in your security arsenal. Still, nothing beats proper locks where you have a key or access control system to enter your home or business.

Things To Consider While Upgrading Your Locks

Many things need to be taken into consideration while you upgrade your locks. We recommend Worcester Locksmith to help you with this endeavor, for they are industry experts in providing top-notch services when it comes to installing and maintaining all kinds of locks.

Some things that come under consideration when upgrading your locks include the following:

#1. Realize The Difference Between Replacing & Rekeying The Key

Changing locks on your door can be done in two different ways. Replacing them or rekeying, both methods ensure that old keys won’t open the lock anymore. After reading this article, you’ll find information about how it’s cheaper to replace vs. doing it yourself with just some DIY skills!

Replacing Key: To make sure your home is safe, you should replace any locks on doors with new ones. The most comprehensive method of ensuring security and keeping unwanted intruders out is by removing the old lock from an existing door handle or even just replacing it in general if there’s not enough space for both devices anymore (and then installing one). Many DIY-friendly options come complete with installation instructions, so all that’s left to do after picking which type suits best will be finishing up these steps!

Rekeying: Rekeying door locks is a process that’s becoming more and more common in apartment complexes. It involves realigning the pins and springs of an inner working with new keys alike, so you can safely go out on your day without worrying about someone breaking down my door for its shiny Object(s).

#2. If Your Keys Are Lost Or Stolen, Change The Locks.

If your house keys are ever stolen, one of these first orders is changing locks within so no other person can access the home. Rekeying will be used in this situation just as it would be if a family member misplaced their key or otherwise lost track of themselves. The only time you need to replace an entire lock would come without any way for someone’s individualized code (or “private information”) like what usually goes inside rekeyed ones found at hardware stores today!.

#3. Evaluate The Strength Of Your Existing Locks

The way your locks are made out of materials can help to determine their strength. This should also be one of the things that Worcester Locksmith considers while assisting you in upgrading your locks! And that’s why you need to evaluate how strong your existing locks are. If you have locks made out of wood or metal, they can be broken down with a sledgehammer in no time flat.

Instead, invest in stronger materials like the steel bolts Worcester Locksmith provides for enhancing your home security – it can make all the difference when it comes to protecting what’s yours against intruders!

#4. Better Locks Imply Increased Security

Many homeowners are switching to more secure locks after a break-in or rash of burglaries in their neighborhood. Today’s modern door locks feature cutting-edge technology that improves and simplifies home security with keypad codes rather than keys as before. The new code can be easily reset if necessary by just entering numbers on the pad instead of worrying about getting an old-fashioned key again!

Typically, Worcester Locksmith will advise homeowners to upgrade from a standard pin tumbler lock system to one that’s more complex and secure. For instance, Medeco locks are the most popular option as they provide increased protection against manual and automated attacks.

#5. Cost Comparison

When you replace your door locks, it’s essential to consider the cost of both doing so and not. This can save money in future endeavors if appropriately done from start to finish by an experienced contractor who knows what they’re doing with all their tools at hand! You might think rekeying locks is cheaper, but it’s not when Worcester Locksmith comes into the situation. This is because it’s hard to estimate how many new pins and springs you will need. Plus, there is also the possible damage that Worcester Locksmith might have to endure during the process.

This includes stripping metal shells before they can be rekeyed to accept new keys. Due to Worcester Locksmith’s methods, door hardware is prone to excessive wear and tear, so it might be wise to go with a complete lock replacement system if security is what you’re after.

#6. Material Of Your Doors Has

Upgrading the door locks also depends on the material it is made up of.  Wooden doors need different measures than metal or uPVC ones. Unlike the wooden uPVC doors provide a variety of benefits at an affordable price. A durable and hard-wearing material, uPVC offers security for your home while being wonderfully low maintenance. So, these factors should be kept in mind while deciding to upgrade the locks on them.

#7. You’ve Just Purchased A New Home

You want to make an excellent first impression, so don’t forget to buy new locks before moving into your next home. While you may have an extra set of keys from the previous owner or neighbor sitting around in their inventory never being used—it could also be that someone broke into and took them by mistake! Locking out potential intruders is key when securing any property with lock replacement. It will ultimately ensure everything at night while giving yourself ultimate control over who has access during daytime hours.

#8. You Desire More Sophisticated Lock Functions

If you want to lock your door without having a key, there are several options for doing so. Keyless locks can work with a touch screen or pad on the other side, and they don’t require any physical contact between user and doorknob, which means it’s safe if someone tries breaking into your home while everyone sleeps inside! For those who live alone but have lots of security cameras around – these types will help make sure no one breaks in during their absence because everything is monitored remotely from afar.

#9. Your Existing Locks Are Not Functioning Well

Once you notice that the locks on your doors have started to wear out, We will advise you on all the available courses of action. Sometimes, you may need an expert Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd. before anything needs to be replaced! We’re here to help fix any issues that arise, whether it’s a key stuck in the door or if you can’t get your legend in the right, turn the lock. We offer many Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd. emergency services that can get to you whenever you request them at your doorstep!

#10. You Want to Make A Fashion Statement

Different options are available if you want to make a stylish statement with your entry and interior doors. Whether it’s the Victorian-style, rustic modern style, or transitional design elements that best fit into what you have in mind for your home’s décor, we’ve got just the locks! You can shop by finish, too, so see which one works best on those old wooden frames of yours before making any purchase decisions today!

Be sure to check out our Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd. Store where you can view some of the new styles that may be right for your Worcester home – the best security investment you will make this year!.

Worcester Locksmith

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