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Worcester Locksmith: How to Choose the Right Door Hardware for Your Home

If you’re planning on renovating your home and looking for some good advice about how to choose the proper door hardware for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. There are indeed loads of things that go into deciding which door handles and knobs to choose, but it’s the detail that you don’t see that can make or break a new door in your house. Think about it: when people enter your home and open it, they are generally greeted with the sight of either a glass panel that allows light to come in or a doorknob that has been designed to let you know whether you should enter or leave the house. The latter is much more common, as the glass panel usually incorporates some security features such as a security lock or a sensor. When you push that knob, it will unlock itself, but even these doors have their upsides.

Of course, there are plenty of other details that you’ll want to keep in mind, and these will depend upon what kind of door you have. We have put together a few key pointers for your consideration when purchasing the right door hardware for your home.


When it comes to your door and windows and their design, make sure you choose the right door knobs for them. Door Knob styles should complement your home’s style, and if they don’t fit in with anything else on either side of yours or inside, then this could be an issue since no one wants an eyesore outside their front door! Make sure that any hardware matches what’s already there too. Getting new door locks will only cost more money than buying something already installed but better looking the first time around.

Organizing them into sets can be a good idea if you have multiple doors in a room, but make sure they are the same type. For example, if you want to put a circular knob on one door and a square knob on another, it might not look as lovely as you’d like, but going for knobs that are either all circular or all square is much more effective.

Picking the right door hardware for your home is easy when you know all of these tips and tricks, but it’s essential to make sure that whatever handles you choose go with the overall design of your home too!


When you buy new exterior doors, make sure they have the strongest hardware that can be found. You may also want to add an extra deadbolt or electronic keypad for convenience in case someone decides not to enter through one of these points of entry (front and back). If there are windows on your house, contact Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd because we serve all kinds! We’re open 24 hours and seven days a week, so our friendly staff will offer their help to find what suits best any situation, whether big or small.

When installing new doors and windows or knobs into your Worcester home, always make sure you’re working with Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd. Our Worcester locksmiths are the area’s most trusted, and they will always provide professional service to everyone that needs it! We’ll replace any broken parts with durable components that work together to keep your home safe.


A door and windows have many functions, and not all doorknobs are created equally. The type of lock you select should depend on how much privacy or other specific requirements your home may have for a particular room inside it, such as the bathroom, where locks can provide some measure against unwanted guests barging in without permission from that inside!

Before you decide to buy any door handles, you have the option of buying between the levers or knobs.

Door levers are better than knobs because they don’t require twisting and grasping motion. This type of handle is beneficial for people who suffer from physical disabilities. But it’s also an excellent choice if you want something more traditional-looking in your home! These levers offer many benefits over their knob counterparts. One example would be that most can’t jump up (like dogs) to open them with ease like on some lever styles out there today.

Do you love the traditional look of a doorknob? They offer a more elegant and calming experience for your home. The best part is they will never fail to complement any decorating style or pet-friendly design!

To make sure that whatever function is being served by our hardware will be met once installed, ensure thoughtful consideration during the selection process, so there isn’t any unnecessary hassle down the line when trying to find just the right match for your home! Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd can help you find locks that will work well and keep your home safe.

Door Hinges

When you’re looking for traditional interior door hinges, three types will suit your needs. Specialty hinges may be the right choice for those who want more artwork in their design and decoration schemes!

Plain Bearing Hinge: The plain bearing hinge is a classic design in residential homes. The barrel of the pin holds it together, and some can even offer removable pins, though not all are detachable.

Ball Bearing Hinge: These heavy-duty hinges can hold a lot of weight and remain flush with the door when installed. They’re ideal for commercial properties or oversized doors, so they work well in high traffic areas where there might otherwise be issues from loose hardware.”

Spring Hinge: The secret to a smooth door opening is in the hinges. This spring-loaded design will automatically close behind you while maintaining an easy-going motion that feels natural for anyone walking through your front door or screen!

Specialty Hinge: These hinges are anything but ordinary, including strap hinges and corner brackets. They can make any door look truly unique with their vast assortment of options for design!

There are a variety of different hinges for doors out on the market. However, if you wish to know what size will work best for you, we at Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd. take measurements from where our current door hardware is installed. This way, when shopping later in-store or online, we can guarantee fitment and avoid purchasing something too big!

Hardware Should Match Your Doors

The handle sets can be made from brass, bronze, stainless steel, or iron. Different handles and other hardware should match well with varying entry doors and make the door hardware more appealing to look at! Here’s a tip to help you:

Modern Doors: A stainless steel door is an excellent choice for creating a modern yet classic look. The lever compliments it well, making this type of entryway appropriate in homes or offices with sleek designs.

Rustic Doors: A rustic entry door is complete with bronze or wrought iron hardware to match the style. A sectional handle set complements this type of design and will look great on your new home!

Classic Doors: The perfect door for your home has a classic look and feel, but it can’t be too plain. A brass or brown hardware design would make an excellent choice to fit into any style taste you have going on!

Special Hardware Choices

As you choose your door hardware, it’s essential to consider the different options and upgrades, such as keyless entry or locking systems. Keyed Entry locks are standard, but other security features can be worth considering for those who want more protection in their home, like electronic locks that require batteries and a keypad. These work with tubular-style doors too!

A multipoint locking system helps secure your door in three different areas with one twist of the thumb turn. This protects you from burglars, who might not be able to break through with enough force if they attack at only one point on an entryway shutter as this model does!

Worcester Locksmith

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