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Lock Replacement and Upgrade Service in Worcester

Every household and business at some point requires lock replacement services for their doors. Our locksmiths have observed from experience that the locks on the doors of most houses and businesses are very old. Some of these locks are so old and rusty that they have started to fall apart from usage.
At Worcester Locksmiths, we encourage our customers to regularly evaluate the conditions of the locks installed on their doors as a malfunctioning lock cannot secure their property, nor protect them from unwanted guests. We also encourage our customers to lubricate their locks regularly to ensure it is in good working condition without being impaired by dirt and dust.
To extend the life of any lock, it is crucial to employ lock maintenance services as it also a means of keeping your property secure at all times. It is advisable to call a professional locksmith near you when you need a lock replacement service. It is really unfortunate when we see so many locks installed improperly by a handyman as the owner would end up incurring more cost in getting a professional locksmith to rectify the error.

If you need the services of a reliable locksmith service, don’t hesitate to call Worcester Locksmiths. We are a local mobile locksmiths company reliably serving the city of Worcester and its environs.

To serve you better, all we need to know is the security requirement for your house or your office. We will find the quickest solutions for your lock repair and key needs at the most competitive price you can find. To strengthen your door, it is advisable to install a deadbolt in addition to your doorknobs. Lock installation service done by Worcester Locksmiths put your mind at ease for a long time to come.

At Worcester Locksmiths, we replace the following locks:
  • Door Knobs Replacement
  • Deadbolts Replacement
  • Entry Locks Replacement
  • Rim Locks Replacement
  • Mortise Locks Replacement
  • Keypad Locks Replacement
  • Electronic Lock Replacement
  • Magnetic Locks Replacement
  • Door Locks Replacement
  • Kwikset Locks Replacement
  • Schlage Locks Replacement
  • Defiant Locks Replacement
  • Gatehouse Locks Replace
Our lock replacement services cover the following properties:
  • Apartment Locks
  • House Locks
  • Business Locks
  • Office Locks
  • Storefront Locks
  • Push Bar Locks
  • Shed Locks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Storage Locks
  • Elevator Room Locks
  • Basement Door Locks
  • Patio Door Locks

At Worcester Locksmiths, we also have a mobile lock replacement and maintenance service. This has saved lots of our clients valuable time as never have to be troubled with having to uninstall faulty locks or replace them. You can count on our lock replacement service because we don’t only do everything for you, but we also provide after-service support for our products and services.

Whether for a residential or commercial property, our professional locksmiths are always ready for any lock replacement service you may require. Our team of residential and commercial locksmiths is the best in delivering locksmith services in Worcester and they have the capacity to handle all lock replacement services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rekeying doesn’t change anything about the key or cylinder within your current lock; It simply changes which pins are active and which pins can be used to turn your tumbler when you insert a key into your door’s handle. This makes sure that only those who have possession of one specific set of keys may enter through this particular door. An upgrade replaces everything inside your current lock with newer parts like better springs and more durable materials for longer life expectancy. In essence, an upgrade combines both repair and replacement in one process.

It depends on which locks you have and how many. If the locks are old, replacing them may be more cost-effective when rekeying is not possible.

Lock experts recommend replacing your top security deadbolt with a new model with at least five pins instead of three or four. This will make it much harder for thieves to break in.

Locksmith experts recommend upgrading locks if you have a condo or rented property to make it harder for thieves to break in.

If you are dealing with recurring break-ins in any form—whether it be from someone who has been let into your home by an employee (even once), if you live close to railroad tracks where people routinely climb fences onto private property, if there is vandalism near public transit shelters, etc.—you need better locks! These often make easier targets since many homeowners believe their homes cannot be broken into without damaging doors/windows when burglars know how to break in without leaving a mark.

It depends on the type of lock and whether or not your home is pre-wired for an alarm system. The average price ranges from £85-£150 but can be much higher depending on the model that’s needed as well as installation costs.

If you’re in need of new locks, make sure they are UL-rated and made by one of the top brands like Kwikset, Schlage, or Masterlock. Also, keep in mind that many people also want their keys back when they upgrade their locks, which can add to the cost of a new installation.

Have Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd come to your home or office and assess the problem. Depending on what they find, they’ll then either rekey or replace your lock with one that meets all of today’s standards for safety and security.

You should start by contacting Worcester Locksmith Services Ltd., which will be happy to answer any questions and provide an estimate. We are the top-ranked professional locksmith service on with over 100 reviews for our work throughout Worcester, England!

It is possible for a locksmith to make all of your locks the same so that you only need one key. However, this can be expensive, and it will cost more than just replacing them individually.

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