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How To Choose the Right Locks for Your Home

Choosing the right locks for your home is an important decision. Mechanical and digital locks have both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a final decision. Mechanical locks are easier to install but can be more challenging to program, while digital locks are often harder to install but easier to program. Many people prefer mechanical locks because they don’t require any power or batteries, which means they will work even if there’s a power outage or natural disaster; however, some people might want the ease of use from digital locks to avoid scheduling programming visits with their local. You’ll need to make these decisions on your own based on what you value most in your situation!

A locking system of your home should be reliable and convenient. Reliable in the sense that it should protect your home’s entry at any cost and convenient because the door lock should be easy to operate.

Mechanical Locks

Such locks secure a door by keeping it closed until the released mechanism opens the lock.

Mechanical locks are available in a wide range of variations.

The locks can be used for commercial and residential purposes, but they’re more often seen on home doors.

There are two major types of mechanical locks present in the market: Padlocks and deadlocks. Padlocks are composed of a body, shackle, and locking device. They either swing away or slide out of the padlock body when keys are used to unlock them. Deadlocks have a locking bolt that locks the door at various levels; we also need keys to unlock this device.

Padlocks are usually seen on gates, sheds, and garages because they can be opened without keys.

On the upside of these locks are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and on the downside of padlock locks are their reliability on springs which makes it easy for them to malfunction. At Worcester Locksmith, We have extensive experience and capability in managing diverse customer needs.

Digital Locks

It is a very modern way of securing your door these days. The technical; improvement has allowed you to take care of your home from away from home. Such locks are also customizable according to your requirement.

Such locks are electronic Locks (also known as electric locks) and keyless entry locks that use cards or biometric lock systems.

It comes with door viewing cameras in some locks, allowing you to see the person outside your door. These locks work on a keypad, and you can either set up the code according to your need or use your fingerprint. It is effortless to use these locks.

Digital locks are reliable, safe, and also affordable for everyone. You can even buy such locks from any of our stores in Worcester.

Such locks are usually used at home, offices, flats & apartments, schools & colleges, and restricted areas.

Our professional locksmiths are always ready for any lock-related service you may require in Worcester, whether for digital or mechanical locks. 

Different Doors Require Different Locks

Various locks work better on different doors. For instance, the main door to your home requires more security than the doors at the kitchens to bathrooms. The front door lock should be resistant to tampering and kicking open, and picking or lock bumping. We, at Worcester Locksmiths, can help you identify which locks are best for your home. Some people keep valuables at home, which also require more security. Thus, a locker with a lock connected to a central security system is essential for valuables.

The locks that we provide at Worcester Locksmiths have a lifetime guarantee, which means that if they malfunction for any reason during their lifespan, Worcester Locksmiths will be there to replace them with the same locks of your choice. We also offer emergency locksmith services round-the-clock if you forget your keys at home or lock yourself out of the house.

Door Material

The material of the doors should be kept in mind while selecting locks for your doors. Doors made of steel are not easy to break, but it requires lots of hard work and long hours of hardship to drill through it, so locks should be chosen according to this. Similarly, the locks for wooden doors have to be stronger than those used on glass doors. Worcester Locksmiths will help you select locks that fit the door type.

Safety Standard Is Met

But before installing your locking system, you need to make sure that the locks you want to buy meet up-to-date safety standards. For this requirement to be completed, locks must have an installation protocol installed securely and as quickly as possible. We, at Worcester Locksmiths, maintain this protocol of keeping the deadbolts with a Grade 1 rating that meets UL 438, EN 12209, or A2P France standards.

No matter what types of doors you may have, Worcester Locksmith has an array of locks to match your requirements. Our operations are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays.