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Advice on Security Options

With a variety of value-for-money products available, a small upgrade or changes to your security architecture can make a big difference to your own safety and security. We assess every security situation from the client’s point of view, taking into account the client’s residential area, budget, any potential access points, and what can be done to deter and put potential intruders off.

The following security tips suit all budgets and have been put together for your guidance.

  • Make sure all your locks are fitted and used correctly.
  • All locks must be insurance approved.
  • Interior and exterior lighting for your home or office can serve as a good deterrent against burglars.
  • Motion sensor-activated lights are a form of exterior lighting that can effectively deter burglars from approaching your property.
  • Blending in with your environment is important in securing your home or office.
  • Anti-bump and anti-pick locks.
  • Installation of security bars.