Advice on Security Options

A burglary can destroy your home: Here’s how to prevent it

A burglary can be one of the most frightening and traumatic experiences that a person can go through. A locksmith, or any locksmith in general for that matter, is someone who makes it their job to protect your home from burglars like this. They are experts in installing locks on doors and windows to make them more challenging to break into. Besides giving you the best locksmith service in Worcester, we at Worcester Locksmith also work with you to prevent such unpleasant incidents and events from happening.

Before taking any step toward installing a new security system top your home, you need to look hard at the present security system that is already in use in your home and try to find flaws in that system first. We at Worcester Locksmith can assess your home security system for you to suggest what can be done to prevent any potential burglars.

Your home security system is not a guarantee that your home is 100% safe from burglary. However, The following steps can be taken by you to minimize the chances of this from happening.

Securing Front And Back Yard

Most of the time, intruders look for houses with large bushes and shrubs, which aids them in giving them a good hiding spot from your home and your neighbors. So, it is wise to strim these bushes short to the extent that they do not provide any hiding spot to the intruders and, more importantly, give you a clear view of your front and back yards.

Put Locks On All Doors And Windows.

It is also wise to invest in locks for your back door, basement window, sliding glass patio doors, or any other entry point that has a lock. This will keep intruders out of the house and keep them from accessing valuable items they may want to steal inside.

Put small stone sand pebbles near your doors and windows. This will make some sound if someone walks on them, especially at night. Planting any pant that has thorns will also give some security to your home.

Fencing Your Property

A burglar always looks for houses that are easy to get in and easy to get out carrying your large items with them. A burglar will never look twice at a house with fencing around the property and is locked uptight. The gate to your fence also needs to be locked all the time. Your ladders and other tools should be either kept in your garage or inside your storage room. If these items are left outside your home, they can break into your house.

Lighting System Of Your House

An adequately lit property can consider more secure than a property with a poor lighting system.

The light outside your house is as important as the lights inside your home, especially the lights near your home’s front and back doors. Lights near the garage are also important since most of the garages have access to the house, the safety of garage doors and their vicinity is essential. It is also advisable to install lights with a sensor in them. This way, when anyone approaches your home, the light is automatically turned on. This also acts as a signal alerting you about an intruder.

Doors, Locks & Hinges

Although the locks of your door can give a sense of privacy, however, in reality, it does not give you enough security to your home. A door nob can be opened with just a credit card. Hence, try putting a deadlock at the front doors can prove very useful. However, we have to keep certain things in mind while installing these locks. For instance, 

  • the bolt of these locks should be at least 1 inch into the door. 
  • The lock should have a rotation case to prevent the burglars from twisting it open.

Another thing to keep in mind is always to keep your keys in a safe place. Once it reaches the wrong hand, your house becomes prone to burglary.

Sometimes, the doors’ hinges are inserted so that they are exposed to the exterior, making it vulnerable, as it becomes easy for the burglar to unscrew the entire door to gain entry. So, you have to make sure that when your door is being installed, try keeping the exposed portion of the screw into the door.

To have the best of both worlds, you need to install a better security system. It will provide you with much-needed peace of mind and is worth every penny that it costs.

Security Systems

Most people like to keep valuables at their homes instead of keeping them at the bank locker. It becomes essential for them to protect their house at any cost.

There are many security products in the market. So, before spending a fortune on these products, you should think about what sort of protection you want. It would help if you also took note of the price and installation process. There are many security systems for your house that can help you keep burglars away from your home or at least minimize any damage they might cause. We, at Worcester Locksmith, advise our customers to follow certain things before they make any decisions regarding buying any security products, such as,

  • Choose an alarm system with insurance and with a workman’s compensation.
  • Always make sure about how much do you need for your home. Some locksmith services can make you purchase items that your house does not require.
  • Make a preliminary budget for your security systems. Do not go overboard with your budget.

Some locksmiths will be able to provide you with the locks for your doors and windows, but they might not have any idea about the security system in place. So before hiring a locksmith, hire Worcester Locksmith that is known as being an expert locksmith service provider in Worcester. We offer locks installation services as well. We have a 24/7 service facility. Our employees are highly qualified and licensed professionals. Call us for a free quote today.